Image of YOU'LL SEE

"YOU'LL SEE" is the second painting completed as part of the ever expanding "COMMERCIUM CRANIORUM" collection of skull studies.

Acrylic, water based and enamel paints on stretched canvas measuring 80cm x 60cm.

"Commercium Craniorum" is the title of Matt's perpetual contemporary study bearing reference to the 19th century anthropological hobby of collecting, studying and trading of skulls.

A painterly collage of past pop art treasures and memories, reinvented as a new entity. This painting created the new challenge of painting in absolute symmetry, a way of precise mark making that was executed over several weeks, night and day.

The canvas has been lovingly contained in a custom made end grain ply box frame with a matt white edge. Flush to the canvas surface it really shows off the piece and compliments the colours and tones used on the canvas surface.


Image of YOU'LL SEE Image of YOU'LL SEE Image of YOU'LL SEE Image of YOU'LL SEE